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Reasons to love

Our commitment to the core values of pride, passion, people, personalisation, and preservation sets us apart, infusing every facet of our offerings with a unique charm. Explore with us as we unveil a glimpse of the myriad reasons that make falling in love with Mashatu an inevitable and unforgettable affair.


A tapestry of landscapes

An extraordinary landscape, adorned with abundant Mashatu, Mopane, Euphorbia and iconic Baobab trees. This distinct terrain is a testament to the marvels of evolution.

Yet, what truly sets Mashatu apart is its unparalleled location. Imagine standing at the crossroads of Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe—a rarity that transforms your safari into an adventure of nations.

As you explore our reserve, you’ll have the privilege of witnessing the horizons of three countries converging in a breathtaking panorama. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime journey that unites landscapes, cultures, and the spirit of exploration.


Crafting your journey

Guided by a blend of pride and humility, our team’s unwavering commitment is the thread that weaves your journey into an unforgettable experience. With years of expertise, our guides are masters of their craft, imparting wisdom, passion, and a deep understanding of the land. 

The Motswana spirit of hospitality infuses every interaction, making you not merely a guest, but a cherished member of our extended family. 

Mashatu’s magic doesn’t just come from its landscapes; it’s the sum of our people’s commitment, enthusiasm, and genuine sense of care.



Largest elephant population in a private game reserve in Southern Africa, known for captivating cat sightings—lions, leopards, and cheetahs, and over 350 bird species – a paradise for birders.

Mashatu is home to no less than seven of Africa’s “giants” – the African elephant, the lion, giraffe, the baobab tree, the eland, ostrich and the kori bustard. It is therefore fitting that these giants have a massive habitat spanning 42 000 hectares of pristine wilderness.


Conserving nature's harmony

Our mission is to create a balance where protecting one becomes safeguarding the other. Your visit carries purpose. The Conservation Levy embedded in your stay directly supports ecological preservation and community empowerment. Together, we form an alliance to safeguard the future—a partnership between custodians, communities, and guests.

Our lodges, purposefully designed, leave minimal traces on the land while providing unmatched comfort.

No fences hinder the creatures’ natural movements; they reside here by choice. Amid the poaching threat, Mashatu stands as a guardian of herds, offering safety to Africa’s giants. 

Our commitment extends to the responsible limitation of tourists, fostering tourism that treads lightly.


Experiences that delight

At Mashatu, we understand that every journey is as unique as the individual embarking on it.

Imagine indulging in a surprise bush brunch, dining under the stars, embarking on walking tours along ancient elephant tracks, and spa treatments emersed in surprise spots.

Our decor brings delight by drawing inspiration from the very heart of the wilderness. Every detail, from the architecture to the furnishings, reflects the organic patterns found in nature. The gentle curve of a leaf, the intricate lines of a tree’s form – all find echoes in the shapes and textures that adorn our lodges.

Mashatu is all about tailored experiences that surprise and delight, leaving you enchanted and craving more.


Celebrating Northern Tuli Game Reserve’s 50th anniversary and Botswana’s 58th year of independence.

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