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Empowering Communities

Mashatu has, over the past 30 years, made it policy to benefit the residents of community villages on the periphery of the Northern Tuli Game Reserve through the opportunities of employment and provision of services. Priority is given to these community residents and, in many instances, present employees of Mashatu are the children and grandchildren of community members who have worked at Mashatu.

Looking after and supporting our staff is something we take huge pride in here at Mashatu. By ensuring our staff are healthy, happy and enjoying their time with us, we can be confident they will provide you with the best possible care and hospitality.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Mashatu Game Reserve forms a major component of the Northern Tuli Game Reserve. Situated within the ‘jewel area’ of the reserve and flanked by the national parks of both South Africa and Zimbabwe, Mashatu management pride themselves on the ecological preservation of the flora and fauna that reside within the reserve.

It is recognised that there are no fences that divide the sovereign components of the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Park. Unlike the vast majority of private reserves in Southern Africa where the animals within that reserve are constrained by fences, there are no fences inhibiting the free movement of wildlife between the three countries. Instead, it should be appreciated that the animals that reside on Mashatu are not constrained by fences and other manmade limitations but that they reside on Mashatu for no other reason other than that they choose to do so.

Responsible Tourism

Adventure and respect go hand in hand. We limit tourist numbers, encouraging eco-friendly activities like horse safaris, cycling, walking, and photographic hides. Our conservation levy, included in your reservation, supports our symbiotic journey.

Your Part in the Story

Your stay has purpose, as every booking includes a daily conservation levy, which is earmarked for conservation, community and culture.

The sustainability of wildlife areas in Africa is only possible through an association of three partners, namely; custodians of the wildlife areas, the communities who reside on the periphery and the guests who share this ethos.

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