A Close encounter

After spending time photographing two female lionesses and a large male lion, we started heading home. It was the hottest part of the day and the females had retreated to the shade of a shepherd tree for a nap while the male took cover in the Crotons about a hundred meters away. Within a short […]


Photograph by: Ruth Nussbaum For a long time, the age old adage of ‘the secret season’ has been said. Truth be told, it is no longer the secret season and rather common knowledge that Mashatu during the summer, the green season, is a spectacular sight. The rains flush the dry undulating savannah and a lifeless […]

Mashatu 2016 in review:

Mashatu’s green season changed its pallet in February 2016, as the brightly coloured tribulus (or duiweltjies) adorned the savanna in thick carpets of yellow. The nutrient rich flowers brought life from all corners of the reserve out into the open plains to feed. Everything from elephants, to baboons, to gunieafowl took advantage of the blooming […]

Nature is an incredible equalizer

The first week of November has already passed and apart from one light shower, the rains still haven’t arrived at Mashatu. It’s a tough time for general game but for predators it’s a time of plenty.   Finding and hunting down prey is at it’s best as they take advantage of being able to scan the […]

PhotoMashatu hide staff experience

The Mashatu staff serving brunch to the guests arriving back from a morning session in one of the PhotoMashatu hides are often confronted with excited guests and their stories of the exceptional sightings and photographic opportunities.  For many this is a highlight of their visit to Mashatu.  So on a quiet day in camp Kirsten […]

A Formal Introduction

  A formal introduction to Mashatu’s newest lion members. Our resident sisters are doing a fantastic job at rearing their new cubs, each lioness with 3 cubs. The first born litter are now 3 months old and the second litter, 2 months old. The 6 cubs are keeping the lionesses so busy, always demanding attention […]

A Mega-herd at Mashatu

  On Sunday morning we set off to the Valley Hide to see what the morning had install for our Mashatu guests. On arrival to the hide, we saw very little sign of elephant activity in the valley. We did however, find a drag mark dotted with hyena tracks which led straight into the waterhole […]

New arrivals

A few images from the past few weeks at Mashatu. There has been tons of action about the reserve, as well as the addition of a few new lives too! Sadly, no images yet from my side to share, but what I can share with you is that indeed both our resident lionesses have successfully […]

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