The Uniqueness of Mashatu
  • Private land in Botswana
  • 29000 hectares of traversingmashatu animals - giraffe
  • Situated in the centre of the proposed Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area
  • A true wilderness with a diversity of ecosystems and a variety of interesting landscapes
  • Excellent predator and elephant viewing
  • Over 350 bird species
  • Two very different camps
  • Adventure safaris; walking, cycling and horse safaris
  • Photographic hides
  • Archaeological ruins – sister ruins to Mapungubwe and archaeology that dates back over one million years
  • Eight perennial and non-perennial rivers on the property
  • Incredible vistas, unusual topography and wide open terrain
  • Beautiful sunrises, sunsets and night skies
  • Excellent value
  • Average employment of rangers – 15 years
  • 92% rain-free days a year over 19 years


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