The hide season has slowly but surly started to gain momentum once again. Our beautiful summer migrants have now fled to warmer regions as the morning and evening temperatures in the bush have taken a dive. The pools of rain water around the reserve are slowly drying up, which has brought back our winter regulars to the Matabole Hide, including African Green Pigeon, Brown Hooded Kingfisher, Meyers Parrots, Red-billed Firefinches, to name a few.

Of course the stars of the underground hides are also beginning to reopen their seasonal elephant highways bringing lots of entertainment to our lucky photographers.

It just continues to amaze us that, every creature of the reserve from the tiniest little Blue Waxbill to the giant elephants remember a permanent little pool of water that lies within a 70 000 hector reserve, and year after year when the time is right, they will revisit it.

The following are a collection of images taken during last weeks hide sessions, enjoy!

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A Brown-hooded Kingfisher comes down to the waters edge for its daily bathe
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Hammerkop swoops in for a recce
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A youngster screams past mom towards the hide
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…powering forward with determination
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Enjoying a leisurely drink on a warm morning
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small details on big creatures
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Red-billed Firefinch foraging for grass seeds
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Tails end…
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wearing her wrinkles with class
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African Green Pigeon
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Its time to move on… a mother nudges her calf away from the water as the herd moves on
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Learning the ways of the waterhole
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An African Monarch (Danaus chrysippus aegyptius), taking refuge by the water


Text and Images By: Ruth Nussbaum

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