Game Report May 2013

The month of May has experienced cooler weather and, although the grass has dried up in all habitats but that of the riverine areas, the trees and bushes are still looking green. No rainfall was recorded during this month and temperatures ranged between 8 and 31°C as we move into the cool dry season. Lions […]

Elephant update – 24 December 2012

Life at Mashatu continues to be filled with unexpected treasures and beautiful encounters.  The start of December brought relatively heavy rainfall to most of the Tuli area ranging between 10–55mm, which has allowed the browsers, mixed feeders and grazers in particular to recover well from the previous dry conditions. Green grass is growing in large […]

Latest hide action from photographer Mike Dexter

Mashatu‘s exclusive photographic hides offer professional and novice photographers the opportunity to get really close to the animals that frequent the area, while being offered the protection of a hide, producing fantastic photographs! Mike Dexter, of C4 Images & Safaris, shares the latest action from the main photographic hide: The early morning means two things […]

Elephant update – 10 October 2012

New leaves are sprouting on fresh shoots. Flowers, insects and birdlife are growing more prolific. Although rainfall continues to be low, with only 5 mm falling during September, it is clear that change is underway across the landscape. And with the return of spring, elephant activity in the Mashatu Game Reserve is on the rise. […]

September Game Report

Game viewing in Mashatu was great during the month of September. Our cheetah sightings were up by 21% (from 26% to 47%), and although sightings for lion, leopard and elephants were slightly lower, what we saw is still considered exceptional. Lion and elephants sightings were 80% each, with leopard sightings at 73%. On the 7th […]

Photographic hides at Mashatu

It was a first for photography in southern Africa when C4 Images  and Safaris secured an exclusive concession to provide dedicated photographic hides at Mashatu Game Reserve. The hides provide a perfect vantage point from which both novice and professional photographers can safely photograph animals and birds from ground level, and often close range. Shem Compion, co-founder […]

Camera Traps at Mashatu

Mashatu recently received 25 cameras, which will be strategically placed in the reserve for the purpose of studying the more elusive animals such as leopards and brown hyenas. The traps are generally situated along roads or game paths, and even near waterholes, and are left in position for three to four weeks at a time. […]

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