Lion Love

Just we thought things were getting interesting on the lion front, the males from Zimbabwe has to waltz over to Mashatu and through yet another spanner in the works! Yesterday morning one of the two males from Zim was spotted by disappointment koppie mating with the lioness, who we believed to have cubs in hiding […]

Spring has Sprung

Spring has arrived, and with it, it has brought new life. The open plains of Mashatu once covered in skeletal and spiny looking acacias, are now laden in blankets of yellow and the scent of sweetness. New life is not only evident in the flora of the reserve but the fauna too. According to our expert […]

Growing Strong

This past week has been a great week of dinning for the three cubs and their mother. The lioness took down an Eland a few days ago which herself and her three rapidly growing cubs have been feasting on since. The cubs, consisting of two males and a female have provided guests at Mashatu with […]

Cyberdiary – February 2013

Over the last few weeks Mashatu has undergone a remarkable and miraculous transformation. The drought that devastated the region for more than a year was violently broken by tremendous widespread rainfall. By now the water has sunk deep into the soil and the seeds which have lain dormant throughout the drought have thrust fresh shoots […]

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