Top 20 – July 2014

After sifting through many beautiful photographs taken here at Mashatu I have finally managed to select (with great difficulty), our first ‘Top 20’. Please keep those images streaming in for next month’s selections, and well done to all those who’s pictures featured in this month’s Top 20.                     […]

Game Report – June 2013

June experienced cool weather with a number of overcast days and a cool breeze, but no rainfall was recorded. Temperatures were as low as 5°C during the night, but the days warmed up with a maximum of 28°C. Lions Lion activity has been great, with lion sightings on 80% of the days in June! The […]

Cyberdiary – 25 March 2013

Matswane, the old lion with one eye, has come back to Mashatu after almost a year of residing in the Tuli Circle in Zimbabwe. He was successfully tracked down on a predator drive just west of Mashatu Main Camp. His sudden appearance is intriguing, as his former territory, around the central area was taken over […]

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