Game Report May 2013

The month of May has experienced cooler weather and, although the grass has dried up in all habitats but that of the riverine areas, the trees and bushes are still looking green. No rainfall was recorded during this month and temperatures ranged between 8 and 31°C as we move into the cool dry season. Lions […]

Summer in full bloom – February 2013

Mashatu is simply bursting at the seams with life. The heavy rains of January have brought about a full flush of growth which will dazzle the senses. Game drives take guests through a sea of fragrant flowers – kilometers of vivid colours against the far reaching expanse of greenery. Looking upwards we see a dazzling […]

November Game Report

The landscape of Mashatu is in full transition from being a dry and dusty place to a luscious green bushveld. Rainfall has been very patchily distributed with Main Camp and Tent Camp getting 21.8mm and 15.5mm respectively. This is, however, not anywhere near the true indication of rainfall in the area. Some places got in […]

Elephant update – 10 October 2012

New leaves are sprouting on fresh shoots. Flowers, insects and birdlife are growing more prolific. Although rainfall continues to be low, with only 5 mm falling during September, it is clear that change is underway across the landscape. And with the return of spring, elephant activity in the Mashatu Game Reserve is on the rise. […]

Elephant update – 20 September 2012

This month has been a busy one, with guests visiting elephant herds during our specialised research game drive, The Ivory Drive, and with much time in the field with the research project itself. Guests have seen some lovely interactions between young elephants collecting foods dropped by their mothers, watching as they learn how to use […]

Cyberdiary – 26 September 2012

The past week at Mashatu delivered some amazing wildlife scenes, that unfolded before the very eyes of our guests. The camps have been busy, and listening to the stories around the campfire at dinner in the evenings, was a testament to just how productive the game drives were. During an afternoon game drive, we found […]

Cyberdiary – 14 September 2012

The past week at Mashatu has been filled with loads of general game and predator sightings. Aged kudu and eland bulls are particularly hard hit by the dry conditions. Their worn-down teeth make grinding fibrous vegetative content difficult, and they seldom obtain the necessary protein and nutrients from the remaining browse available, to have the […]

Elephant update – 7 September 2012

Happy Spring Day, (September 1st)! The month of September is off to beautiful start, and spring is definitely in the air. With longer days and light availability seasonal changes have begun to unfold. Even without precipitation the leaves are greening, blossoms are emerging, and the wildlife is taking notice. While on our specialised elephant research […]

August Game Report

Much warmer temperatures have filled the days and nights at Mashatu during the month of August. Although rain still remains a far-off and distant dream, there are signs of spring everywhere out there. Acacia tree species are all starting to blossom, and the air is filled with the sweet scent of flowers in bloom. However, […]

Elephant update – 20 August 2012

As we move towards the end of August, days are getting warmer and the landscape form has altered to a new level. Forage is increasingly limited for the browser community. The “browse line” can easily be identified in certain communities of Mopane, Umbrella thorn and more often Mustard, where stems and trunks of shrubs appear […]

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