Chain of Events

During a fantastic morning out with Mashatu field guide Bashi, we came across a troop of vervet monkeys. It was these vervet monkeys who sat in the top of a Mashatu tree, screaming their lungs out that lead us to a flock of extremely panicked guinea fowls. The flock of guinea fowl fleeing in every […]

Game Report – September 2013

Young female leopard looks back at the elephants The atmosphere has been clouded with dust for the last month and we waited in anticipation for the start of the rainy season. At last a thick blanket of clouds rolled in and with it came a cool chill. In less than 12 hours we experienced a […]

Three new cheetah cubs on Mashatu!

There are three new cheetah cubs on Mashatu! Our proud mother that successfully raised five cubs from her last litter, and has returned after over three months of absence. After being off the radar for over two months, I became worried about her whereabouts With the help of guests who were staying at Mashatu Main […]

Game Report – June 2013

June experienced cool weather with a number of overcast days and a cool breeze, but no rainfall was recorded. Temperatures were as low as 5°C during the night, but the days warmed up with a maximum of 28°C. Lions Lion activity has been great, with lion sightings on 80% of the days in June! The […]

Cheetah update – 28 November 2012

After some well-deserved rain Mashatu is already covered in a shimmer of green new growth. The Mopane trees are a vivid green, a beautiful contrast against the dark brown soil. With the rain also comes cooler weather and predators are active for longer periods during the day. On a recent Predator Drive the family of […]

Cheetah update – 12 November 2012

Cheetahs have made an appearance once again! The family of six has been sighted on a few different occasions. Yesterday evening, while on a predator drive, guests were privileged to see them take down an impala ram. The hunt was watched from the start with the cheetah spotting the impala, stalking it, chasing it and […]

The Northern Tuli Cheetah Project

Overview The Northern Tuli Cheetah Project was initiated at the begininning of this year (2012). The purpose of the research is to gather information on the population status of the cheetahs of the Northern Tuli Game Reserve, and to identify threats, particularly anthropogenic conflict outside of the reserve, to ascertain whether or not cheetahs contribute […]

Cyberdiary – 10 October 2012

Windy conditions were experienced the past couple of days out in the bush. Temperatures were mild at midday, and evenings were considered perfect. The night sky is nothing short of spectacular, with a starry-host that is second-to-none. Elephant herds are still concentrated along the southern regions of Mashatu, around the alluvial floodplains close to the […]

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