Game Report May 2013

The month of May has experienced cooler weather and, although the grass has dried up in all habitats but that of the riverine areas, the trees and bushes are still looking green. No rainfall was recorded during this month and temperatures ranged between 8 and 31°C as we move into the cool dry season. Lions […]

Cyberdiary – 25 March 2013

Matswane, the old lion with one eye, has come back to Mashatu after almost a year of residing in the Tuli Circle in Zimbabwe. He was successfully tracked down on a predator drive just west of Mashatu Main Camp. His sudden appearance is intriguing, as his former territory, around the central area was taken over […]

Summer in full bloom – February 2013

Mashatu is simply bursting at the seams with life. The heavy rains of January have brought about a full flush of growth which will dazzle the senses. Game drives take guests through a sea of fragrant flowers – kilometers of vivid colours against the far reaching expanse of greenery. Looking upwards we see a dazzling […]

Ecosystem Overview – January 2013

New Year’s Eve brought great hopes for rainfall in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve, when several millimeters were received at the stroke of midnight. Average rainfall for the greater reserve is estimated to be around 400mm, but last year produced only 100.5mm for Main Camp. Moving into January, hopes were rising that 2013 would bring […]

Predator update – 9 January 2013

Christmas week was rewarded by the sighting of what can only be described as a “pride” of leopards! An old female leopard with two three-month old cubs had made a kill and was seen alongside her daughter and son from her previous litter. A total of five leopards! The famous three musketeers, three male cheetahs, […]

November Game Report

The landscape of Mashatu is in full transition from being a dry and dusty place to a luscious green bushveld. Rainfall has been very patchily distributed with Main Camp and Tent Camp getting 21.8mm and 15.5mm respectively. This is, however, not anywhere near the true indication of rainfall in the area. Some places got in […]

Cheetah update – 28 November 2012

After some well-deserved rain Mashatu is already covered in a shimmer of green new growth. The Mopane trees are a vivid green, a beautiful contrast against the dark brown soil. With the rain also comes cooler weather and predators are active for longer periods during the day. On a recent Predator Drive the family of […]

Cheetah update – 12 November 2012

Cheetahs have made an appearance once again! The family of six has been sighted on a few different occasions. Yesterday evening, while on a predator drive, guests were privileged to see them take down an impala ram. The hunt was watched from the start with the cheetah spotting the impala, stalking it, chasing it and […]

The Northern Tuli Cheetah Project

Overview The Northern Tuli Cheetah Project was initiated at the begininning of this year (2012). The purpose of the research is to gather information on the population status of the cheetahs of the Northern Tuli Game Reserve, and to identify threats, particularly anthropogenic conflict outside of the reserve, to ascertain whether or not cheetahs contribute […]

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