The Force of a Family

A visual account of the lives, of this indestructible force of cheetah. After two years of nursing, feeding, teaching and protecting the incredible mother to these four, now sub-adult, cheetah is finally ready to leave her brood. The sub-adults which include, 3 males and one female, have developed into successful hunters and are now ready […]

Lion Love

Just we thought things were getting interesting on the lion front, the males from Zimbabwe has to waltz over to Mashatu and through yet another spanner in the works! Yesterday morning one of the two males from Zim was spotted by disappointment koppie mating with the lioness, who we believed to have cubs in hiding […]

Back in Hiding – By Kyle de Nobrega

What a way to begin a new working cycle back in the hides. Yesterday morning Kyle de Nobrega, our resident photographer at Mashatu Game Reserve, had one cracker of morning in the Matabole Hide. Kyle was joined by guest Willem Kok, between the two of them they could barely contain their excitement as they encountered […]

Update from the hides

The C4 hides at Mashatu Game Reserve are in full swing at the moment. The elephant hide has been teeming with bird life, everything ranging from guineafowls to firefinches and parrots. As the great Matabole River slowly dries up the mammals on the reserve – especially the elephants – are becoming more and more dependent on […]

The Cuckoo Con

Brood parasitism is another one of nature’s cruel yet clever survival tactics, and the cuckoo is one of its biggest culprits. Out and about in the field one day we came across a very peculiar relationship – a Meves Starling feeding a juvenile Greater Spotted Cuckoo. The cuckoo twice the size of the exhausted starling […]

Predators of Mashatu

Predator game viewing at Masahtu has been on top form over the past week. On the cheetah front we have had regular sightings of the female cheetah and her cub. Despite losing the majority of her litter the female cheetah has successfully reared a female cub to almost one year of age.       […]

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