Game Report – October 2013

October has been a month filled with incredible sightings – leopard, lion, and cheetah kills were all recorded over this month, as well as a sighting of a rare brown hyena! The dry bush is busy transforming into a small green paradise. Within literally a couple of days of receiving rain, a thin blanket of […]

Game Report – September 2013

Young female leopard looks back at the elephants The atmosphere has been clouded with dust for the last month and we waited in anticipation for the start of the rainy season. At last a thick blanket of clouds rolled in and with it came a cool chill. In less than 12 hours we experienced a […]

Game report – August 2013

August is typically known as the windy month at Mashatu, but it is also the height of the dry season. Most of the trees have shed their leaves, making the bush more open. This allows for easier spotting of game and the elusive cats. The last remaining ground cover has by now been almost completely […]

Game Report – July 2013

July had some very cool and overcast days, with a couple of days receiving a light drizzle. A minimum of 5°C and a maximum of 28°C were recorded. The Acacia trees are in full bloom, producing a sweet scent as you drive through these, and the Mopane trees are slowly turning to a beautiful copper […]

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