A few images from the past few weeks at Mashatu. There has been tons of action about the reserve, as well as the addition of a few new lives too!

Sadly, no images yet from my side to share, but what I can share with you is that indeed both our resident lionesses have successfully given birth to 3 cubs each! The 6 little ones are all doing well, and have been under the watchful eyes of their mother and aunty. It has also been interesting to note that their father, our beloved Zimbabwe male has been hanging around the den warding off any potential threats who dare to come close to his off spring. Keep up the good work dad…

We also have news from our neighbors that we have few new cheetah cubs about the reserve too. The cubs belong to the mother of last years’ star cheetah family often referred to as ‘mother and 4’. The cubs are estimated to be only 2 weeks old, so they are still very much tucked away safely in hiding.

To add to all of the new life about the reserve, the sister to ‘mother and 4’, know as Mapula has been viewed frequently with her 9 month old cubs doing extremely well! The 4 cubs are often spotted chasing scrub hares around the open flats while mom keeps an eye out for bigger prey.

Exciting times for the cats of the reserve, all we need now is the new arrival of some miniature rosettes!

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Two of the cheetah cubs devour an impala
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Bashi, cruising the Majali River bed at sunset
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A curious leopard investigates a hollow in a Mashatu Tree
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Matabole Hide giants
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A young elephant slips into the cold water whilst trying to drink
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A male that has been sighted frequently along the Matabole River
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Dusk calls
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A relaxed male takes a drink from one of the only remaining pools of water left on the reserve
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a bouquet of Grey-go-away Birds
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A hyper-alert Black-backed Jackal stops off at the hide for a quick drink
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A close inspection of a fine specimen
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Bunching together for safety


By: Ruth Nussbaum

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