A few weeks ago social media was a buzz with video clips taken of the most interesting encounter between lions and two honey badgers. Guest Phil Perry, was fortunate enough to witness and capture this increidble sighting while being on the PhotoMashatu vehicle.

It all strated with the Lion cubs fighting or perhaps playing with young honey badger.
The mother honey badger soon heard the noises from her young one and she comes running in to help her young. Of course the adult lions all also joined in on the action. It all ended with the lions retreating first and running away! Fortunately there were no serious injuries, although later in the afternoon we did notice that the adult lioness had a slight limp.

Phil managed to capture some great images and now that he has returned home he has kindly shared them with us. We hope you enjoy them!




For more lovely images from Phill Perry’s stay at Mashatu please follow the link.

Text by: Janet Kleyn

Images by: Phill Perry


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