Expect the unexpected

Some days things just turn out differently to what was planned. This was definitely the case recently when myself and some guests were travelling to the Photo Mashatu underground hide. En-route to the hide we had a brief sighting of a cheetah running after something. We quickly got closer and saw that the cheetah was […]

In search of the female

Photograph by Photo Vehicle Guest Barry Miller Many visitors to Mashatu Game Reserve will be familiar with the three cheetah brothers that have formed a coalition.  These three boys are known locally as the Ma’wire coalition.  The name comes from the most dominant of the three who was caught in a wire snare years ago […]

Bashi’s Leopard Friends

During a recent 3-day visit to Mashatu Game Reserve, I had the distinct pleasure of being guided by Bashi Patane, a local legend, who knows the Reserve intimately. Thanks to his vast experience and detailed knowledge of Mashatu and its animal residents, Bashi enabled me to spend quality time with, and to photograph, several of […]

Guest Image Gallery By – Steven Genkins

Steven Genkins recently travelled to Mashatu Game Reserve, and was under the experienced photographic guidance of our resident photographic guide Janet Kleyn. It was an amazing experience for me, and a total pleasure to meet Janet Kleyn and all of your associates at Mashatu. I want to send a special thank you to Bashi and […]

The one that walks with a limp

Leopard sightings at Mashatu are not uncommon, but there is one female leopard that the guides and trackers have a special affinity for. They have named her Mathoja, meaning the “one that walks with a limp.” She was given this name after sustaining an injury at only six months old while caught up in the […]

The PhotoMashatu hides April 2017

It’s been just under two months since the Photo Mashatu underground hides were re-opened for the season. Coming out of the wet season, March and April are traditionally quieter months because of the many sources of water available to the animals on the reserve. But this year, despite all the water around, the animals just […]

A Close encounter

After spending time photographing two female lionesses and a large male lion, we started heading home. It was the hottest part of the day and the females had retreated to the shade of a shepherd tree for a nap while the male took cover in the Crotons about a hundred meters away. Within a short […]

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