Top 15 – October 2014

The first rains arrived this month, and what a joyous occasion it was! After a very baron and dry 7 months a sprinkling of water on the very thirsty soils of Mashatu was much welcomed. Just a few tiny millilitres was all it took for the very distraught looking Mopane Trees to sense a change […]

Top 20 – September 2014

Yet another splendid month in the bush gone by, and once again the photographs live to tell the tail – and how we hope they do. The summer sun is ablaze and water resources on the reserve are dismal, making for congregations of animals of all species towards the dense shade of our ancient and mystical Mashatu Trees. Not […]

Top 20 – August 2014

What an action filled month it has been, with predator visits to the hide in the form of both leopard and lion, the arrival of 5 new cheetah cubs, and the return of the migratory birds. This month’s ‘Top 20’ images display an array of wildlife spoils from Mashatu Game Reserve, captured skilfully by talented […]

Top 20 – July 2014

After sifting through many beautiful photographs taken here at Mashatu I have finally managed to select (with great difficulty), our first ‘Top 20’. Please keep those images streaming in for next month’s selections, and well done to all those who’s pictures featured in this month’s Top 20.                     […]

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