Mashatu Photo Vehicle Experience

During the past week at Mashatu Game Reserve, I had the privilege of taking out yet another group of wildlife photographic enthusiast on the Mashatu Photo Vehicle. Included in the photo vehicle experience where a few mornings at the underground hides, which added a unique flare to the entire photo experience. After viewing most species […]

Mashatu, A Birding Haven

    When one thinks of Mashatu, they think leopards, lion, elephant and cheetah! Its time to officially add birds to your list of highlights at Mashatu. Not only are the birds here so diverse they are extremely photogenic. Perched on almost every dead Mopane stump you are bound to find a rainbow coloured Lilac-breasted […]

August Image Gallery – By Trevor Kleyn

Recently photo guide Trevor Kleyn spent some time at Mashatu Game Reserve manning the C4 photo concession. During Trevor’s stay he enjoyed some very active mornings at the underground hides with tons of elephant, baboon, antelope and bird activity. In the field on the C4 Photo Vehicle Trevor and his guests got lucky with great […]

Lion Love

Just we thought things were getting interesting on the lion front, the males from Zimbabwe has to waltz over to Mashatu and through yet another spanner in the works! Yesterday morning one of the two males from Zim was spotted by disappointment koppie mating with the lioness, who we believed to have cubs in hiding […]

Autumn is Upon Us

  The reserve is rapidly beginning to run low on water supplies and the open plains are slowly transforming the atmosphere into dust clouds, both clear signs that winter is approaching Mashatu. As dramatic as winter may sound, the changes the bush takes on from summer to winter are exciting ones for our safari lovers. […]

Birds of Mashatu

    Mashatu boasts more than 350 species of birds on the reserve. During the winter months these birds can be spotted gathered around the small pools of water that remain from the wet season, and during the summer months huge flocks of birds arrive from far north to set up camp for the season. […]

Shedding Some Light

Mashatu is known for its breath taking sunrises and sunsets, the secret ingredient being a horizon with zero concrete interruptions, dotted with the occasional silhouette of a giraffe or shepherd tree. If that is not enough to make your ‘G and T’ go down even smoother, you then add a little Mashatu dust to the […]

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