A Formal Introduction

  A formal introduction to Mashatu’s newest lion members. Our resident sisters are doing a fantastic job at rearing their new cubs, each lioness with 3 cubs. The first born litter are now 3 months old and the second litter, 2 months old. The 6 cubs are keeping the lionesses so busy, always demanding attention […]

Cheetah Mom and 4

    After being off the reserve for a month it was such a pleasant surprise to be graced with the presence of this incredibly strong cheetah family. This cheetah mother and her 4 cubs now about 10 months old are an unbelievably strong force, credit to the mother. The cubs have been spotted hunting […]

Mom and 5

I was lucky enough to recently spend a whole afternoon with a female cheetah and her 5 cubs. After taking a mere 300 images of the little beauties I thought it would only be fare to share a handful of those photo’s with you as well as a short rundown of the afternoon.   After […]

Spring has Sprung

Spring has arrived, and with it, it has brought new life. The open plains of Mashatu once covered in skeletal and spiny looking acacias, are now laden in blankets of yellow and the scent of sweetness. New life is not only evident in the flora of the reserve but the fauna too. According to our expert […]

We Got Company

It is not often we get visitors on Mashatu when it comes to prides of lion. However, this week we had the pleasure of viewing ‘The Pride of 6’ which dominate our neighbouring concession. The pride is headed up by two of the largest lionesses I have seen on this property, the lionesses are also […]

Leopard of Mashatu

After such a great response to an image posted of the son of the Dead Croton Female, I decided that a more in depth report back on his progress would be in order. As mentioned, at the end of August the leopard will be turning 2 years of age, along with his sister. The brother […]

A Sighting to Remeber

Fearing that words will not do justice to the adrenaline packed morning we viewed on this day; I have decided to share a series of images rather than a story from the sighting, in hope that it will do it justice.  A truly incredible raw moment captured in true African wilderness!         […]

Growing Strong

This past week has been a great week of dinning for the three cubs and their mother. The lioness took down an Eland a few days ago which herself and her three rapidly growing cubs have been feasting on since. The cubs, consisting of two males and a female have provided guests at Mashatu with […]

Chain of Events

During a fantastic morning out with Mashatu field guide Bashi, we came across a troop of vervet monkeys. It was these vervet monkeys who sat in the top of a Mashatu tree, screaming their lungs out that lead us to a flock of extremely panicked guinea fowls. The flock of guinea fowl fleeing in every […]

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