C4 Photo Vehicle at Mashatu Game Reserve

    Designed and built by the same wildlife photographers who built the world famous underground photo hides at Mashatu, the C4 photo vehicle is a fully customised vehicle built exclusively for Mashatu Game Reserve. Its design and concept stem from wanting to give clients unparalleled access to the excellent wildlife of Mashatu and allow […]

Children in the Wilderness Camp at Mashatu

On the 3rd of December 2012, 16 Children from the Loensa La Moriti village in Botswana arrived at Mashatu Tent Camp as part of the Children in the Wilderness – Limpopo Valley environmental education programme. The small village of Loensa La Moriti is situated within the confines of the Northern Tuli Game Reserve in north eastern […]

Camera Traps at Mashatu

Mashatu recently received 25 cameras, which will be strategically placed in the reserve for the purpose of studying the more elusive animals such as leopards and brown hyenas. The traps are generally situated along roads or game paths, and even near waterholes, and are left in position for three to four weeks at a time. […]

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