Mashatu Twins

      Mashatu has recently had the very exciting arrival of twin elephant calves. The calves’ where first spotted at our newly established Valley Hide which is situated in Elephant Valley, which has been a migratory route for the elephants of Mashatu for many years. The twins approached the hide with their mom in […]

August Winds

The August winds have once again brought change to underground hide.  New mammals, birds and herds have made regular visits to the hide this month making for an interesting viewing experience to all those who have visited the hide.     The past two weeks have seen large herds of antelope settling within close proximity […]

Elephant Update

There has certainly been a lot of change for the elephants over the first few weeks of the New Year. A gap was shut between early rains in December and minimal rain coming into 2013. Our rain fall total for 2013 is nearly three times that of 2012 as a result of some serious and […]

Elephant update – 24 December 2012

Life at Mashatu continues to be filled with unexpected treasures and beautiful encounters.  The start of December brought relatively heavy rainfall to most of the Tuli area ranging between 10–55mm, which has allowed the browsers, mixed feeders and grazers in particular to recover well from the previous dry conditions. Green grass is growing in large […]

Elephant update – 28 November 2012

November’s elephant activity has shown a combination of behaviours seen over the last few months. Some herds continue to travel in smaller family groups while others have merged their bond groups to form large herds. Large and small groups may remain localized to one area while others traverse the extent of the reserve. The reason […]

Elephant update – 24 October 2012

This month (and as an American, in the Thanksgiving season) I’d like to offer my thanks for our skilled rangers and the arrival of rain. Our rangers and trackers have an incredible history in the area, with many decades of experience. They have a keen sense for reading animal behavior and responding in a manner […]

Elephant update – 10 October 2012

New leaves are sprouting on fresh shoots. Flowers, insects and birdlife are growing more prolific. Although rainfall continues to be low, with only 5 mm falling during September, it is clear that change is underway across the landscape. And with the return of spring, elephant activity in the Mashatu Game Reserve is on the rise. […]

Elephant update – 20 September 2012

This month has been a busy one, with guests visiting elephant herds during our specialised research game drive, The Ivory Drive, and with much time in the field with the research project itself. Guests have seen some lovely interactions between young elephants collecting foods dropped by their mothers, watching as they learn how to use […]

Elephant update – 7 September 2012

Happy Spring Day, (September 1st)! The month of September is off to beautiful start, and spring is definitely in the air. With longer days and light availability seasonal changes have begun to unfold. Even without precipitation the leaves are greening, blossoms are emerging, and the wildlife is taking notice. While on our specialised elephant research […]

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