The Mashatu Team

Disney Graduates – No less than seven staff members on the Mashatu team of staff have
Mashatu Welcome Drinks
spent a minimum of 12 months at the Disney entertainment complex in Orlando in south eastern USA as part of an exchange programme offered to the citizens of Botswana. This unique feature of the Mashatu team has provided hospitality training to both our camp managers as well as five other employees on the team of staff. Many other staff have been exposed to this hospitality culture through the guidance of these Disney ‘graduates’. Mashatu is infinitely recognised for its excellently trained and welcoming staff and this facet of Mashatu compliments many of the other attributes for which Mashatu is internationally recognised.

Career Guides – The average employment of guides on Mashatu is no less than 14 years, some as long as 25 years. We pride ourselves on this fact knowing full well that the guides are well trained, knowledgeable and extremely confident in the field.

One thing is certain, regardless of which camp guests may choose, Mashatu is an extraordinary place, manned by an extraordinary team. Passionate, highly skilled, and intensely proud of this land, each member of the Mashatu team aims to delight every client through a focus on satisfaction at every level.

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