Den Relocation

Yesterday morning we had the privilege of witnessing a very rare display of animal behaviour. On arrival to the hyena den which has been providing us with fantastic hyena viewing over the past few months, we discovered that no one was home. A few seconds later a group of 4 hyenas came rushing into the […]

A Productive Morning at the Hide

    After a night of strong winds, we were unsure of what the morning would hold for our regular Matabole Hide session. We set off from the lodge before dawn into the crisp morning air, all wrapped up for our 30min drive towards the hide. As the sun slowly rose where excited to see […]

Autumn is Upon Us

  The reserve is rapidly beginning to run low on water supplies and the open plains are slowly transforming the atmosphere into dust clouds, both clear signs that winter is approaching Mashatu. As dramatic as winter may sound, the changes the bush takes on from summer to winter are exciting ones for our safari lovers. […]

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