Top 20 – September 2014

Yet another splendid month in the bush gone by, and once again the photographs live to tell the tail – and how we hope they do. The summer sun is ablaze and water resources on the reserve are dismal, making for congregations of animals of all species towards the dense shade of our ancient and mystical Mashatu Trees. Not […]

The biggest vanishing act ever

In a region home to around 1500 elephants, it’s unusual to go three days without seeing a single one. As summer gains momentum and there’s less and less water in the veld, multiple herds often stop by for a drink or a splash at the underground hide throughout the day, so that’s exactly where I’ve […]

Month of the Mud Bath

To the wildlife of Mashatu yesterday was just another day in their lives. To me, it was the best day spent in the underground hide I have experienced thus far. As temperatures have begun soaring into the 30’s, the wildlife on the reserve have had to adapt and make some changes to their everyday routines. […]

Mom and 5

I was lucky enough to recently spend a whole afternoon with a female cheetah and her 5 cubs. After taking a mere 300 images of the little beauties I thought it would only be fare to share a handful of those photo’s with you as well as a short rundown of the afternoon.   After […]

Spring has Sprung

Spring has arrived, and with it, it has brought new life. The open plains of Mashatu once covered in skeletal and spiny looking acacias, are now laden in blankets of yellow and the scent of sweetness. New life is not only evident in the flora of the reserve but the fauna too. According to our expert […]

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