Top 20 – August 2014

What an action filled month it has been, with predator visits to the hide in the form of both leopard and lion, the arrival of 5 new cheetah cubs, and the return of the migratory birds. This month’s ‘Top 20’ images display an array of wildlife spoils from Mashatu Game Reserve, captured skilfully by talented […]

August Winds

The August winds have once again brought change to underground hide.  New mammals, birds and herds have made regular visits to the hide this month making for an interesting viewing experience to all those who have visited the hide.     The past two weeks have seen large herds of antelope settling within close proximity […]

We Got Company

It is not often we get visitors on Mashatu when it comes to prides of lion. However, this week we had the pleasure of viewing ‘The Pride of 6’ which dominate our neighbouring concession. The pride is headed up by two of the largest lionesses I have seen on this property, the lionesses are also […]

White-fronted Bee-eaters

If you have been so lucky to have visited Mashatu Game Reserve, I’m certain the aesthetic beauty of one particular bird stood out whilst driving (walking, or cycling for that matter) through the wilderness. The White-fronted Bee-eater is one of Mashatu’s most striking birds; their plumage displays bold colours of green, white, red, blue,black and […]

Leopard of Mashatu

After such a great response to an image posted of the son of the Dead Croton Female, I decided that a more in depth report back on his progress would be in order. As mentioned, at the end of August the leopard will be turning 2 years of age, along with his sister. The brother […]

News from the Underground

As the months of 2014 tick by and the dry winter sets in, the landscapes of Mashatu Game Reserve undergo some immense changes. With these changes an array of new wildlife is introduced to the underground hide on an almost daily basis. Elephant congregations around the waterhole are almost guaranteed at the moment, it’s not […]

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