Top 20 – July 2014

After sifting through many beautiful photographs taken here at Mashatu I have finally managed to select (with great difficulty), our first ‘Top 20’. Please keep those images streaming in for next month’s selections, and well done to all those who’s pictures featured in this month’s Top 20.                     […]

A Sighting to Remeber

Fearing that words will not do justice to the adrenaline packed morning we viewed on this day; I have decided to share a series of images rather than a story from the sighting, in hope that it will do it justice.  A truly incredible raw moment captured in true African wilderness!         […]

One For the Birders

Although summer feels as though it is centuries away as well as the beautiful migrant birds that come with it, the bird life at the underground hide has been outstanding in the past few months.  Our “seen at the underground hide” bird list for the year has reached approximately 60 species, and is growing every […]

Growing Strong

This past week has been a great week of dinning for the three cubs and their mother. The lioness took down an Eland a few days ago which herself and her three rapidly growing cubs have been feasting on since. The cubs, consisting of two males and a female have provided guests at Mashatu with […]

Rutting Season

The rutting season is upon us. And with it comes the battle for the strongest, best looking, biggest horned, and most agile Impala.   The bush is filled with ‘roars’ this time of year, but not that of the big and hairy, the roars of dominant male impala. As a male impala seeks  the attention from a […]


The longest standing member to the Mashatu Family is field guide, Fish. Fish has worked at Mashatu for 34 years, starting his career in the bush in the anti-poaching patrol unit.  His love for the bush and the conserving wildlife of Botswana is what drove Fish to dedicate his career and life to the cause. […]

Chain of Events

During a fantastic morning out with Mashatu field guide Bashi, we came across a troop of vervet monkeys. It was these vervet monkeys who sat in the top of a Mashatu tree, screaming their lungs out that lead us to a flock of extremely panicked guinea fowls. The flock of guinea fowl fleeing in every […]

Update from the hides

The C4 hides at Mashatu Game Reserve are in full swing at the moment. The elephant hide has been teeming with bird life, everything ranging from guineafowls to firefinches and parrots. As the great Matabole River slowly dries up the mammals on the reserve – especially the elephants – are becoming more and more dependent on […]

The Cuckoo Con

Brood parasitism is another one of nature’s cruel yet clever survival tactics, and the cuckoo is one of its biggest culprits. Out and about in the field one day we came across a very peculiar relationship – a Meves Starling feeding a juvenile Greater Spotted Cuckoo. The cuckoo twice the size of the exhausted starling […]

Predators of Mashatu

Predator game viewing at Masahtu has been on top form over the past week. On the cheetah front we have had regular sightings of the female cheetah and her cub. Despite losing the majority of her litter the female cheetah has successfully reared a female cub to almost one year of age.       […]

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