Three new cheetah cubs on Mashatu!

There are three new cheetah cubs on Mashatu! Our proud mother that successfully raised five cubs from her last litter, and has returned after over three months of absence. After being off the radar for over two months, I became worried about her whereabouts With the help of guests who were staying at Mashatu Main […]

Game Report – June 2013

June experienced cool weather with a number of overcast days and a cool breeze, but no rainfall was recorded. Temperatures were as low as 5°C during the night, but the days warmed up with a maximum of 28°C. Lions Lion activity has been great, with lion sightings on 80% of the days in June! The […]

Guest blog – Colin Morris

My wife Jackie and I are from Sydney, Australia. We have been to southern Africa three times in the last four years, and have been to about fifteen reserves across all parts of South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. We first visited Mashatu in October 2010.  At the time, we were visiting as part of a […]

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