Cyberdiary – 25 March 2013

Matswane, the old lion with one eye, has come back to Mashatu after almost a year of residing in the Tuli Circle in Zimbabwe. He was successfully tracked down on a predator drive just west of Mashatu Main Camp. His sudden appearance is intriguing, as his former territory, around the central area was taken over […]

Children in the Wilderness Camp at Mashatu

On the 3rd of December 2012, 16 Children from the Loensa La Moriti village in Botswana arrived at Mashatu Tent Camp as part of the Children in the Wilderness – Limpopo Valley environmental education programme. The small village of Loensa La Moriti is situated within the confines of the Northern Tuli Game Reserve in north eastern […]

Summer in full bloom – February 2013

Mashatu is simply bursting at the seams with life. The heavy rains of January have brought about a full flush of growth which will dazzle the senses. Game drives take guests through a sea of fragrant flowers – kilometers of vivid colours against the far reaching expanse of greenery. Looking upwards we see a dazzling […]

Cyberdiary – February 2013

Over the last few weeks Mashatu has undergone a remarkable and miraculous transformation. The drought that devastated the region for more than a year was violently broken by tremendous widespread rainfall. By now the water has sunk deep into the soil and the seeds which have lain dormant throughout the drought have thrust fresh shoots […]

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