Elephant update – 28 November 2012

November’s elephant activity has shown a combination of behaviours seen over the last few months. Some herds continue to travel in smaller family groups while others have merged their bond groups to form large herds. Large and small groups may remain localized to one area while others traverse the extent of the reserve. The reason […]

Cheetah update – 28 November 2012

After some well-deserved rain Mashatu is already covered in a shimmer of green new growth. The Mopane trees are a vivid green, a beautiful contrast against the dark brown soil. With the rain also comes cooler weather and predators are active for longer periods during the day. On a recent Predator Drive the family of […]

Cheetah update – 12 November 2012

Cheetahs have made an appearance once again! The family of six has been sighted on a few different occasions. Yesterday evening, while on a predator drive, guests were privileged to see them take down an impala ram. The hunt was watched from the start with the cheetah spotting the impala, stalking it, chasing it and […]

October Game Report

Good rains have finally settled the dry winter of 2012 at Mashatu. With a dramatic change in vegetation and grass cover, herds of wildebeest, zebra, waterbuck and impala are seen grazing all across the magnificent landscape of Mashatu. Over 33 mm of rain (over six days days) was recorded around Main Camp, but areas in […]

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