Elephant update – 24 October 2012

This month (and as an American, in the Thanksgiving season) I’d like to offer my thanks for our skilled rangers and the arrival of rain. Our rangers and trackers have an incredible history in the area, with many decades of experience. They have a keen sense for reading animal behavior and responding in a manner […]

Elephant update – 10 October 2012

New leaves are sprouting on fresh shoots. Flowers, insects and birdlife are growing more prolific. Although rainfall continues to be low, with only 5 mm falling during September, it is clear that change is underway across the landscape. And with the return of spring, elephant activity in the Mashatu Game Reserve is on the rise. […]

The Northern Tuli Cheetah Project

Overview The Northern Tuli Cheetah Project was initiated at the begininning of this year (2012). The purpose of the research is to gather information on the population status of the cheetahs of the Northern Tuli Game Reserve, and to identify threats, particularly anthropogenic conflict outside of the reserve, to ascertain whether or not cheetahs contribute […]

Cyberdiary – 10 October 2012

Windy conditions were experienced the past couple of days out in the bush. Temperatures were mild at midday, and evenings were considered perfect. The night sky is nothing short of spectacular, with a starry-host that is second-to-none. Elephant herds are still concentrated along the southern regions of Mashatu, around the alluvial floodplains close to the […]

September Game Report

Game viewing in Mashatu was great during the month of September. Our cheetah sightings were up by 21% (from 26% to 47%), and although sightings for lion, leopard and elephants were slightly lower, what we saw is still considered exceptional. Lion and elephants sightings were 80% each, with leopard sightings at 73%. On the 7th […]

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