Photographic hides at Mashatu

It was a first for photography in southern Africa when C4 Images  and Safaris secured an exclusive concession to provide dedicated photographic hides at Mashatu Game Reserve. The hides provide a perfect vantage point from which both novice and professional photographers can safely photograph animals and birds from ground level, and often close range. Shem Compion, co-founder […]

Cheetah update – 19 August 2012

Although cheetah sightings have not been as prolific as we have had in the past, we have had our first cheetah photographs on camera trap! Cheetahs are particularly difficult to capture on camera traps as, unlike other large cats, they do not tend to use animal paths. The two cheetahs photographed, a mother and her […]

Cyberdiary – 17 August 2012

With numerous cold fronts moving through South Africa, we at Mashatu also feel the the effects. Windy conditions, like today, cause most of the animals to move into thickets where they are sheltered from the worst of it. However, these thickets hold secrets in them, as most predators also rest in them as they wait […]

Elephant update – 9 August 2012

This month elephant foraging strategies and social behaviour of the elephants at Mashatu have been seen to have an increasing influence on vegetation, herbivores and other species in the savanna community. The landscape continues to dry as the winds build across the Northern Tuli Savanna. Large groups of elephants are congregating near areas like the […]

July Game Report

Game viewing at Mashatu was phenomenal during the month of July. The average temperatures (high & low) for the month were 22°C and 6 °C. Considered to be cold out here, it is nothing compared to temperatures in all of South Africa. From a photographic point of view, the majority of days were sunny and […]

Cheetah update – 2 August 2012

Cheetah sightings have been spectacular once again! The mother with her five sub-adult cubs has been seen almost on a daily basis. The cubs are now almost the size of their mother, with only a hint of their mantle remaining. However, they are still full of fun and games, and it is not rare to […]

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