Camera Traps at Mashatu

Mashatu recently received 25 cameras, which will be strategically placed in the reserve for the purpose of studying the more elusive animals such as leopards and brown hyenas. The traps are generally situated along roads or game paths, and even near waterholes, and are left in position for three to four weeks at a time. […]

Elephant Update – 23 July 2012

As we move through July and deeper into the dry season, herds on Mashatu continue to reduce in size. Elephants provide one another with more space to ensure opportunity to find nutritious food sources in the dry season, where green forage can be limited. With this years’ drought-like condition, the open, drier areas surrounding Mashatu […]

Cyberdiary – 13 July 2012

Although we have reached mid-winter, the temperatures at Mashatu are moderate and warm. Early mornings on the open game drive vehicles are still a bit chilly, but it quickly warms up as the morning progresses. Game sightings this week have been excellent, especially for carnivores. A total of 11 different cheetah were seen, with one […]

Cyberdiary – 4 July 2012

Wild Dogs update The resident pack of five wild dogs is soon going to increase its numbers. The alpha female is monitored daily via her satellite GPS collar, and for the past few days the pack hasn’t moved at all. Their location seems to have remained stationary. What made the situation difficult to monitor, is […]

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