Elephant Update – 25 June 2012

The month of May saw no rain, so the behavior of elephants and other wildlife began to change to cope with limitations of water and food resources. One of the key elements to elephant research includes monitoring the movement of the herd through the use of radio telemetry collars. As the landscape continues to dry […]

Cyberdiary – 17 June 2012

There was spectacular game viewing this week at Mashatu. By far the most amazing sighting ever was the morning when guests were watching a family of six cheetahs hunt and kill a steenbok. Now this was not your usual kill – if there is such a thing as a ‘common’ kill, as every kill by […]

May Game Report

Wonderful sightings were seen at Mashatu during the month of May. The three cheetah brothers made their way back into the reserve, and there were frequent sightings of them. As with African Wild Dogs, cheetah traverse large tracts of land and this was quite evident from sightings of these three boys – they were seen […]

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