Cyberdiary – 22 May 2012

With National Geographic Australia visiting Mashatu again, the big cats of Mashatu showed just why this place is the place to be for filming. In one day, over five different leopards were seen, a mating pair of lions and various other general game. Ben Britton, presenter of National Geographic Australia, came to Mashatu to start […]

April Game Report

If I had to only show pictures of this area, without the reader knowing what date or season the pictures were taken in, most people will think they had been taken in August, September or even October. The conditions in the whole of the region are looking dry and bleak for most general game. Some […]

Cyberdiary – 2 May 2012

Game viewing the past week has been good, considering that many animals have been moving to areas where the last rain has been. For most of the Central area, where the majority of game drives take place, there is still plenty of general game to be seen, but zebra and wildebeest have are fewer in […]

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