Cyberdiary – 30 March 2012

Soft rain finally came to Mashatu! Yesterday some parts in the north and east of Main Camp received approximately 10mm plus. Small drainage lines and streams quickly filled and fed into the Majale River. Today also looks like we might have some more rain – let’s hope we do. Some rain is better than no […]

Cyberdiary – 22 March 2012

There has been no rain for the past two weeks! Although a warm and sunny day may quickly turn into a windy afternoon with massive clouds rolling in – showing promise of rain – we wait in vain. The landscape has seen worse and perhaps, like last year, the month we’ll finally get rain is […]

CyberDiary – 8 March 2012

The new coalition of male lions are quickly setting deep roots in the reserve. The two brothers are currently in the central region, where one male is mating with one of the single roaming lionesses. On the other side of the reserve, in the south-west region, one of the lionesses was recently seen again with […]

February Game Report

Weather Although light showers have been experienced in the area, the general feel and condition of the bush is harsh and dry. A recent thunderstorm just outside the reserve borders caused most of the smaller drainage lines and tributaries to flow, causing the Matebole River to nearly burst its banks. When looking at the bushveld […]

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