CyberDiary – 24 February 2012

What a week it’s been! The Wild dogs, tracked down on a predator drive, made a flash appearance in the western area of Mashatu. It’s a rocky and wild region, seldom visited by the rangers on regular game drives. On this day however, an extra effort was made by all to catch a glimpse of […]

CyberDiary – 17 February 2012

It’s been an interesting week here at Mashatu! Everyday we await in anticipation for the beginning of our rainy season. On Sunday afternoon we all thought we were in for a big storm. By five o’clock a cold wind had picked up and a dark sky loomed overhead. It did rain, but unfortunately not the amount […]

CyberDiary – 9 February 2012

Note: Andrei has been extra busy this week, so unfortunately the blog has to go up sans photos. He did say he’d more than likely get a chance to head out this afternoon and snap a few pics. We’ll upload them to this post as soon as we receive them! Temperatures have reached the high […]

January Game Report

Weather Thunderstorms were frequent all around the reserve during the month. But although a lot of rain fell, some places more than 60mm, it ended up being sparsely distributed across Mashatu. The landscape is actually looking dry and arid at the moment, and more in keeping with the onset of winter than the middle of […]

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