Video Update #1

HYENAS This clip was filmed along the Majale River where an old elephant died a while back. We saw the hyenas in the area everyday for weeks, as they made the most of the free meal. The carcass is pretty much done now, so they’re back to hunting for themselves. Most mornings we see them […]

CyberDiary – 24 November 2011

We had a wonderful 37mm of rain during the past week, with some spectacular thunderstorms lighting up the skies in the area. The midday temperatures have been cool, which has made being out in the bush a real pleasure. Cheetah sightings are still excellent, even more so now that we are seeing the mother and her […]

CyberDiary – 17 November 2011

The temperatures have soared again during the past week, with averages recorded at around 35ºC. Hot and windy days are common, and although spectacular thunderstorms were seen moving across the landscape, they didn’t result in all that much rain. Despite the hot weather and sunny days, game viewing is still spectacular. The entire landscape is now […]

October Game Report

Weather Summer has arrived, and with a vengeance. Temperatures during the last few weeks have hovered consistently around the low forties (Celcius). The midday sun can be brutally hot, although guests have ample time to cool off in the camp’s swimming pool in-between drives. It’s not uncommon to see dark clouds looming in the late […]

CyberDiary – 10 November 2011

The first week of November was nothing short of extreme from a heat point of view. By 8am the sun was already beating down on the African landscape, by which point most of the animals were heading into the shade to seek some respite from the heat. The mercury remained constant around the 40°C mark, […]

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