CyberDiary – 20 October 2011

Just two days ago we had 10mm of rain, and already there is a green flush covering the landscape. Not to be outdone, the trees are all showing signs of new leaf shoots as well. It’s really amazing to see how quickly the vegetation reacts to the first rains. Temperatures have remained fixed in the […]

CyberDiary – 13 October 2011

With the clouds looming and retreating over the last few days, the promise of rain remained just that. The bush is changing in spite of the weather’s refusal to cooperate however, and green pastures can be seen far and wide. Although this is mainly thanks to the rain we enjoyed last week, which measured more […]

September Game Report

Weather Summer is rapidly approaching, with the average daily temperatures sitting around 13-32ºC. Most vegetation is showing signs of blossoming, and the air is filled with a rich aroma of scents and smells. Kills There were five eland kills made during the month, and all of them by lions. The leopards were responsible for five […]

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