CyberDiary – 25 August 2011

The game viewing during the past few weeks has been nothing short of spectacular here at Mashatu. Recent guests even experienced the thrill of sitting with a female leopard and her three cubs while they tucked into yet another impala kill. This mother is quite an astute hunter, and makes full use of the skills […]

CyberDiary – 11 August 2011

There’s not a day that goes by that Mashatu doesn’t – in shape or form – deliver spectacular game viewing. Baboons are still seen feeding, or rather, gorging themselves, on the fruit of the evergreen Mashatu trees. And although it’s not currently the best season for birding, we’ve enjoyed some wonderful sightings of our resident […]

CyberDiary – 4 August 2011

General Game Viewing Although the bush is heading into the late stages of the dry season, general game viewing is still spectacular. Large herds of elephant have been seen congregating along the remaining waterholes in the dry riverbeds, while impala and kudu are making the most of the fruit dropped by baboons feeding in the […]

July Game Report

Lions The Duma-Brothers (coalition of three males) are spending all their time around Solomon’s Wall and the surrounding area. On a couple of occasions did we saw not only the three males, but also the lionesses living in the same region. Those males have clearly made that part of Mashatu their residence, so hopefully this […]

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